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For people with Down’s syndrome, the autistics, psychotics,….

Ateliers for artistic creation, painting,
sculpture,dramatic art,
mime, music…


Through constant emotional and sensorial stimulation, through exchanges of views between the artist, the participant and the
group, creative faculties emerge, develop, communication begins and with it, mutual enrichment for all, teaching-artists and participants.

Everybody has free expression in a climate of confidence and respect.

A place is given to color, gestures, to the rhythm of words.

For this public, often distanced from all cultural life, the outings and visits (theatres, museums) offer an opening to the world.

                           … run by professional artists

Comedians, sculptors, painters, dancers, storytellers and musicians become attached with passion to arouse the desire to act, model, paint, dance,  sing……

Coming from the artistic world they are more interested in the artistic potential than in the handicap. They trie to awaken “the creative spark” and to open up the way where everyone can assert themselves.

They share their passion and their art.

shows, festivals…

To change opinions on handicap, Personimages is present outside of the ateliers :

  • Decoration of Head Offices, animation during the handicap week in the companies
  • Greeting cards  for companies and local communities
  • Numerous exibitions in France and abroad, especially in the 14th district’s municipal hall
  • Presence in events and international festivals (USA, Russia, Hungary…)
  • Elaboration of a European fresco with Portugal, Greece, and the Baltic States in 2003 within the framework of the European Year of the Handicapped
  • During the Brazilian Year in France, partnership with the Brazilian association Carpe Diem
  • During the crossover year France-Russia, exibition of 25 paintings in the renowned gallery Tretiakov in Moscow.

“Before, my handicap completely filled up my life, now it’s become very small” Michel

Practice of visual arts

Practice of the visual arts by Catherine Le Bouar The visual arts ateliers offer different practices such as drawing, painting, collage and volume. Different techniques are pencils, chalk, pastels, charcoal, markers, watercolors, inks, gouache, with various tools such as brushes, spatulas, rolling. Other less conventional materials, unusual, are also available. So sand or salt incorporated …

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